Whitewater rafting on the Buller River between Murchison and Westport

The Wild River Rafting crew will meet you on the Buller River, at the historic Iron Bridge in the Buller Gorge. From there you’ll load into our spacious van and be driven to the put it at Red Jacket creek. So . . . whether your driving from Murchison or Westport, we’re on your way….

Buller River, New Zealand, White water rafting, between Murchison and Westport, South Island

Wow! No rafting today. The Buller River is BIG and MEAN with a very high flow. Heavy rainfall in the mountain catchment area means rapid water rise and monstrous rapids! Yikes

Rafting the Buller, white water adventure at its best, between Murchison and Westport

The Earthquake Section of the Buller Gorge on the West Coast is one of the most outstanding whitewater runs, for both white water rafts and kayaks, in New Zealand Situated between Murchison and Westport, it is the section of the Buller River with the most rapids. This is a great trip for novices and the…