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Buller River Gorge, Earthquake Section

Gawd! What a beautiful day!!! The Buller River is at an excellent flow for rafting and Marty is ready to go! Bruce is currently somewhere in the Southern Alps in a remote glacier valley scampering about after Himalayan Tahr–wonderfully tasty, purely organic–Tahr.

This is no shoot-em-out-of-a-helicopter trip. While it takes a helicopter to reach these high glacier valleys, the whirlybird drops hunters off with all their gear, then buzzes off. You’re on your own for a week or so. The air is the cleanest on the planet, and the little rivers flow pure and sweet directly out of glaciers thousands of years old.  A wonderful variety of interesting plants grow in these narrow valleys as well, like penwipers, drachnphylums, spaniards, hebes, lilies.

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