American In Kiwi Land

After a long journey across the big pond I’ve made it to New Zealand’s south island. It’s a land of adrenaline stimulated adventure for many. Here I planned to come, relax, raft, bungee jump, para-glide, and kite-board. Alas, My Uncle is the owner of Wild Rivers Rafting and I’ve been put to work. Not a bad thing at all really, after all being sick after a forty-two hour travel time has a way of changing your perspective. Walking turns out to be a luxury you never knew you have. Therefore, being able to stretch my legs and hop on a raft during the pouring down rain wasn’t daunting in the slightest. Turns out it didn’t matter if it was raining or not, the Buller gave me a thorough drenching. Hurtling down a raging river, shooting into a giant hole, then bracing for impact just as you send water cascading up in a cloud of mist was definitely a much more invigorating way to stretch the legs than taking the dog for a walk. During my stay, when boredom strikes, I imagine I’ll be back for more.

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